At Balloons for all,Occasions we can provide all kinds of edging balloon decorations. Here is a selection of some of our most current popular designs.

'The Bridal Arch'

 bfao bridalarch

 Our Bridal Arch can be prepared to your colours, and whether you make it a centerpiece under which you exchange your vows, a back drop to your photos, or an entrace to your wedding celebration, it's stunning! 

 The Bridal Arch costs £75 and includes us coming to the venue the next day  to dismantle it for you, and recover the frame.

Our personalised balloon hearts

bfao personalised

 Many couples are enjoying being able to personalise their wedding decorations, and here are just a couple of examples.

The large personalised heart, which can come in various colours and can be personalised to the words of your chosing, is only £19-99

Wedding celebration table clusters

bfao clusters

If you have a big room to fill, table clusters are the perfect solution. Our set of three clusters come in any colour you want and are only £5-25 a set. Each cluster comes on a box, and is dressed with ribbon ready to go straight on the table. There are really great for an evening celebration.

Wedding bubble balloons

 bfao bubble

 These beautiful wedding bubbles are great for filling in corners or in front of windows. They costs £12-99 each

Balloon arches for a door or behind top table

bfao doorarch

Balloon arches are a great addition to your deoorations, and an arch like the above would cost aorund £33 . It could be used behond top table, on an entrance door and can be eaily moved during the day as needed.

Wedding dance floor exploder

bfao exploder

 Our Wedding Dance Floor Exploder is a huge ceiling-hung three foot balloon, filled with seventy mini balloons and confetti. Perfect to shower the newlyweds on their first dance! Only £45

Helium-filled globes

bfao globes

 You’ll love our floor standing, large helium-filled globes, which are perfect to bring a bit of energy to thr dance floor. From £29-99

Balloon Orbz

bfao orbs

The large 15" Orbz are a relatively new style of balloon. The set of three like the above costs £21

Wedding air-filled table decorations

bfao stack

 Air-filled table sets are cost-effective and can be a beautiful addition to decorate your tables. Only £8-99

Personalised boxes and bottles

bfao bottles

We are able to personalise the boxes - and in this case, a light-filled bittke - to use as stand alone decorations or even as weights for balloon decorations.


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